The question as to whether or not Iraq actually used chemical weapon-loaded Scud missiles during the 1991 Gulf War is still an open one. Further to this, there still remain outstanding questions about the claims that Iraq possessed illegally-retained Scud Missiles in the period prior to the 2003 Invasion of Iraq. There is no complete record to draw upon and no one organisation has ever been seen to have compiled an exhaustive and comprehensive analysis.

- A review by a former member of the Dhahran Scud Watchers Club

Egyptian newspaper releases 1991 Saddam Hussein order to attack Israel with conventional SCUD missiles...

22 January 2011

Located at Palestine News


Google direct translation from Palestine News webpage:

Egyptian newspaper: document written Saddam Hussein order the bombing of Tel Aviv Newspaper, 'week 'for the Egyptian and an important document written by the former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein on the decision to attack Israel with rockets in 1990.

According to the decision 'the name of God the Merciful Brigadier General Hazem Abdul Razzak Peace be upon you proceeded to God's blessing, to strike targets inside the Zionist entity offender heaviest possible fire with the need to pay attention to the likelihood of detection, and carried out strikes equipping the traditional routine of missiles, and continue firing until further notice Another Saddam Hussein 17/01/1991 '.

Iraq fired some 43 Scud missiles on Tel Aviv in 1990 and the missiles caused extensive damage the structure of the Hebrew state and bombed the headquarters of the broadcast.

Further English translation of letter:

This is the handwritten letter by Saddam Hussein to shoot Scud missiles at Israel. Translated into English it reads.

In the name of God, the Merciful, the Mercy-giving.

To Staff Brigadier General Hazim Abd ar-Razzaq,

Peace be upon you [as-Salam 'alaykum!],

Go ahead with God's blessings and strike targets inside the criminal Zionist entity with the heaviest possible fire, making sure to be careful about the possibility that you might be spotted. And carry out the strikes with the usual conventional warheads on the missiles. Let the launching continue until further notice.

Saddam Hussein,


17 January 1991