The question as to whether or not Iraq actually used chemical weapon-loaded Scud missiles during the 1991 Gulf War is still an open one. Further to this, there still remain outstanding questions about the claims that Iraq possessed illegally-retained Scud Missiles in the period prior to the 2003 Invasion of Iraq. There is no complete record to draw upon and no one organisation has ever been seen to have compiled an exhaustive and comprehensive analysis.

- A review by a former member of the Dhahran Scud Watchers Club

#2 - Cabinet Office FOIA Request
Date - 17 June 2007

XX Landemann Circus
North Somerset
BS23 2QE

FOI Team
Cabinet Office
Room 031
70 Whitehall

17 June 2007

Dear Sir/Madam

I wish to make a request under the Freedom of Information Act for release of the following information:

The so-called 'Scud files' as referred to by the UNMOVIC Draft Work Programme dated 17 March 2003, ref: , as was contained in the 12,000 pages of the full, and final and complete (FFCD) declaration submitted by Iraq on December 7, 2002, which was at that time supplied to the British Government.

N.B. I would obviously prefer an English language version of this document, being as the original may well have been supplied in Arabic. A paper or CD-ROM version would be equally acceptable.

If the Cabinet Office does not hold this information, please inform me accordingly, indicating which department or branch of Government currently holds this information, and please also advise me of FOI contact details for that department or branch.

Yours sincerely

Andrew XXXXX

Telephone: 01934 4136XX


Cabinet Office FOIA Response - 12 July 2007

A FOIA response has been received from the Cabinet Office. It states that the Cabinet Office does not hold the requested information and suggests that the requested information may be held by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Another FOIA request will now be made to the FCO.

Cabinet Office FOIA response