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January 21st 1991 situation report...

January 20th-21st 1991 wire reports...

January/February 1991 Scud Missile log...

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log 001

Original source unknown. This document was obtained by this writer in Saudi Arabia at the end of the 1991 Gulf War. This log lists 37 missiles against Israel, 44 against Saudi Arabia, and 2 elsewhere, for a total count of 83 missiles launched by Iraq. This contemporaneous record would now seem to show an under-count of at least ten and possibly as many as nineteen missiles. Three events occuring during the night of January 20th/21st 1991 are given as 'false alarms', as are five other later incidents.

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Daily Staff Journal - January 20th 1991...

dsj 001

The entry for 21:50 has been redacted, code 5 USC 522(b)(1), however an entry prior to this reads: "Received Spot Report about intention to launch chem/bio attack on forces on 21 Jan 91 source of unknown reliability stated Saddam ordered attack. ARCENT trying to confirm."

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Situation Report - January 21st 1991...

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January 20th-21st '91 Wire reports...

Wire-service reports - 20th/21st January 1991.

[logserv]*** Iraqi Time is Sun 20, 20:00, Israel is one hour behind. *** Iraqi Time is Sun 20, 20:30, Israel is one hour behind. [israel]30 Galaxy HUGE airplains landed in Ben Gurion Airport today unloading Patriot baterries. Any updates? [e-jaz]latest report 8 US planes down [mistdrake]Latest report on CNN: 12 american 6 british 1 kuwait and 2 Italian planes down [logserv]*** Iraqi Time is Sun 20, 21:00, Israel is one hour behind. [rolf]From the pentagon: 3 more planes (US) lost. 15 iragi planes shot down. NPR radio [unix]any new news on isreal`s attack planned for iraq? [logserv]*** Iraqi Time is Sun 20, 21:30, Israel is one hour behind. [msa]CNN just reported about POW's in IRAQ, they were interviewed on Iraq TV... (of course not confirmed whether they were real). Some names were mentioned too... About those POW's in Iraq. They were said to be pilots of downed allied ac. Italian, Americans, Kuwaitian and English, if I remember correct (someone else fill in the details.. :) [frodo]CNN: 7 allied pilots shown and interviewed on Iraqi TV

21:45 attack

[msa]cnn - air raid in Saudi .. scuds? ..reporter (CNN) says missile attack coming in.. ...says 5 scud missiles fired. No idea how long it takes them to arrive. [logserv]*** Iraqi Time is Sun 20, 22:00, Israel is one hour behind. [msa]patriots been fired... 3-5? the reporter is uncertain about numbers... 14-15min ago... scuds should have arrived by now... maybe they got them...? [rolf]NPR reports air raids in Dahlran. No official response from military. NPR radio [msa]CNN (online): Nothing more seems to be happening... [rolf]NPR Radio: British lost 3 tornado jets since start of Operation Storm [terra]Tele 5: Heave explosion detect in Dharan (SA) [armin]*** Please ignore (logtest) [msa]cnn - they are wondering what happened. Guessing that one patriot at least intercepted *something*... CNN - Unconfirmed report, Riyadh, SA: Two missiles heading for Riyadh intercepted 70 miles from the city... (no more details..). CNN - Dahran, only CNN people outside shelters. (I guess they are crazy ;). More sirens in Dahran (CNN). CNN - Earlier, there was all clear in Riyadh, Bahrain. Dahran situation uncertain... [crawdad]CNN reports Patriot interception near Dahran & Riyadh 'confirmed' [msa]Crawdad, CNN reports *CBS* reports ... :) [logserv]*** Iraqi Time is Sun 20, 22:30, Israel is one hour behind. [msa]*Godfather* (21:29) NBC reports 4 patriot hits..... (please forward to - channel for me... [crawdad]"Saudi official now confirms that patriot missiles destroyed two incoming missiles" [swan](stuff from todays and yesterdays San Jose Mercury follows). Saudi Arabia's highest religious authority ha{ issued a decree sanctioning a holy war against Iraqi president Saddam Hussein by all muslims and "those assisting them" to evict his forces from. Kuwait. the 'fatwa' blesses not only all muslims participating in the war to evict iraqi forces from kuwait, but non-muslims as well, a highly unusual event. It calls the Iraqi leader "the enemy of God", a strong condemnation in Islamic term{. [logserv]*** Iraqi Time is Sun 20, 23:00, Israel is one hour behind. [swan]white south african extremists sent Sadda{ message expressing support, denouncing US 'imperialistic' intervention. Hard line black organizations lik{ Pan Africa{ist Congress, usually deeply at odds with the white extremist group, issued similar message [cbs-tv]Video-tape of Scud attack at Dharan [swan]'administration officials say there is no indication the bombing campaign has broken the fighting ability of the iraqi army. "I haven't seen anything that indicates we're not going to have to conduct the ground portion of the campaign" said pent. off. [nbc-tv]Pentagon spokesman Pete Williams. Preliminary reports, 2 launches of SCUDS toward Saudi Arabia. US fire 5 Patriot missles. Both SCUDS destroyed.

21:45 (2 x launches)

[swan]jordanian family who crossed into jordan from iraq on saturday said they had seen three captured allied airmen in custody of Iraqi police officers Friday night. Pilots made brief statements on iraqi TV, said they've been treated well. They look good. the article took pains to emphasize{that the report could not be confirmed though. [msa]CNN reporter in Bagdad reported same (voice only), 3 US, 2 Brit, 1 Kuwait and 1 Italian. [logserv]*** Iraqi Time is Sun 20, 23:30, Israel is one hour behind. [swan]population of iraq: 17,600,000 ratio of iraqi pop. to military personal 17-1 "" US 148-1 # of planes shot down according to Iraq 142 according to US 10 bounty for turning in allied airman (iraq) $32,000 US. # of prisoners taken in iran war 39,000. # of $1.35 million Tomahawk missiles launched by US navy since war began{216. Cruising altitude: 50-100 feet. Accuracy margin: 30 yards. Accuracy of scud: 1000-3000 yards. (old but updated) US marines dropped from army helicopters on oil platforms killed 5 and captured 12. No US injuries. minor skirmishes on kuwait border, promting air raids killing at least 40 iraqi soldiers. the 12 prisoners appeared to be in good shape as they puzzled with the peanut butter and dehydrated fruit in the ready to eat rations the marines had given them. Prisoners treated w/respect, given food,clothing,gas masks. Made sure no ham in food. Air force A-10s and Marine AV-8 harriers used primarily to take out artillery positions shelling marine units sporadically. appx 3-4 rockets lobbed at marines each night for past 3 nights, exploding harmlessly. "either they're really bad shots, or they have no idea where everything is," marine lt. jim tuemler said. "they've been very inaccurate if they're aiming at us.". dense cloud cover that thwarted many bombing raids thursday and friday lifted saturday. 4000 missions flown by 3pm saturday(est?). One aviator told reporters his unit encountered about 40 to 50 surface to air missiles during a mission thursday. He said he spotted only two saturday, and said that might indicate iraqi AA units running out of ammo. although the turkish govt has been reluctant to acknowledge it, reporters in southern turkey said allied warplanes had launched five bombing missions since friday morning from a NATO air base. [mermaid]*Splash* [logserv]*** Iraqi Time is Sun 20, 0:00, Israel is one hour behind. [swan]King Hussein of Jordan indicated satuday that israeli retaliation against Iraq would probably not lead to all out war with his kingdom. "we will try to defend our sovereign airspace to the best of our ability". "no secret our means are limited". Syria on saturday indicated it would not quit the anti-Iraq coalition if, after repeated attacks, Israel retaliated. [surge]CNN: Now says 3 SCUDs with conventional warheads were shot down by US Patriots in Suadi Arabia.

21:45 (3 missiles ?) (5 missiles ?)

[nbc-tv]Appears that some American airmen have been captured and being held in Iraq. Tape of cruise missle that fell into civilian housing. Reports that AAA fire had hit cruise missle. Threw telemetry off course. New Iraqi tactic. Seems certain that the Iraqi's have at least 2 american pilots. -Pentagon. [chuck]At 4:30 pm ET on CNN, Iraqi supplied interviews with Coalition POWs being held in Iraq [surge]CNN: AUdio portion of POW tape being played. [logserv]*** Iraqi Time is Sun 20, 0:30, Israel is one hour behind. [surge]Iraqi reporter interviewing different 'POWs' asking name, age... CNN:...aircraft, mission, and opinions. Most are saying they disagree with what the US has done attacking peaceful Iraq. CNN: It was reported earlier that the 'pilots' (which is unconfirmed) look subdued. One had a bandaged hand and 2 had bruised faces. These are American POW's of the Iraqis. Actually they are Allied POWs of the Iraqis. It appears the POWs are reading or reciting a prepared script. [flynn]Have any American officials confirmed that any of our men have been captured? [surge]One pilot reporting that Arabs should not fight Arabs, we should pursue a peaceful end to the war. Pilots do NOT sound relaxed. Very choppy speech. American pilot says "I think war is crazy, it should never have happened against peaceful Iraq.". Pilots also sending messages to families that they are ok and being treated well. Overall concensus by allied pilots is that they do not agree with this war and it should be ended. Audio tape over. CNN: Please realize these people are being held captive and are not being allowed to speak freely. CNN: Military person says that our people are taught not to say the things that these men did, they believe that the POWs have been somehow coersed into saying the things they did. Sen.McCain believes that these POW's have definately been physically mistreated into saying these things.

00:44 - 00:50

[surgecnn]Saudi ARbia: Missle alerts just began again. Belief of more incoming missles. 2 Patriot missles just launched. [longshot]Come to the hot_tub and rest from the war [surgecnn]about 4 explosions in the last few minutes. Are these reports getting to +report, I don't see them on +war [nati]Sirens in Saudi [surgecnn]Sirens just stopped about 1 minute ago. No info yet. [flynn]Surge -- Yes, they are. Are you reporting from CNN TV or radio? [surgecnn]More sirens are starting in Suai Arabia. Only about 20 seconds of air raid sirens before the explosions. [nbc-tv]3 patriots have been launched. [mistdrake]Gas has been used in SA (maybe) [surgecnn]I'm not sure of the reoprters name. No all clear sirens yet. [mistdrake]Chris Turner in Saudi Arabia (CNN) [nbc-tv]Saw at least 3 patriots fired. [surgecnn]More sirens starting. Sirnes are from the west. Pictures of Patriots firing (taped a few minutes ago)

00:44 - 00:50 (6 missiles ?)

[nbc-tv]Missles Penetrated Patriot defenses. [flynn]CNN says CBS reports chemical weapons have been used against Saudi Arabia. [surgecnn]Sirens have stopped again. Waiting for info. Terry Freidman: Given info just before attack to get chem gear and prepare for attack. Live pics from Ryhad. show explosions in the air, and hits on the ground. Ryhad: Estimate about 1 dozen Patriots shot off. This is live More explosions in Ryhad. Reporter has gas mask on all the time. [surgecnn]Ryhad: Sky is literally ablaze with missles. Presume missles in Ryhad are Patriots since theya re fired from the direction of US air base. One missle from the north hit the ground in RYhad. [logserv]*** Iraqi Time is Sun 20, 1:00, Israel is one hour behind. [surgecnn]They say one missle hit only a few miles from Defense Ministry in Ryhad. Taped video shows missle heading into clouds, then at least 2 flashes. Tape shows 3 missle launches. One flashes then something falls to city and explodes... @ more launch, one hits something and flashes, the 2nd flashes just behind the first. 2 more launch that is. Re-hashing that CNN shouldn't say where missles are hitting. Greg Lamont (sp?) over phone: Went to air raid shelter, felt 3 explosions that shook bldg, heard 3 more. John Sweeny: Sirens still sounding. Estimates at least 12 Patriots fired. Saw one missle with a contrail falling to city. Pool tape shows missles which appear to have hit the groung in Ryhad. [pi]Radio Finland: shooting in Riga (Latvia), some reported dead; Soviet troops have occupied the building of the Latvian ministery of internal affairs [mistdrake]Gas MAY have been use in attack, not sure. [surgecnn]The attacks are no longer happening, but sirens are still sounding. Reports on CNN that gas may have been used. Re showing video tape. No official word on attacks yet. I heard SCUDs have error according to how far away they're being fired. Most oof the Iraqi SCUDs seem to have 5-10 mile error for their range. Ryhad: SIrens still sounding but no activity. [spam]Anyway who wants chanop privs may send me a /notice. er, anyone [surgecnn]Riyadh: Many 'horns' sounding sice Patriot launches. Car sirens, not air raid. Greg LaMonte: Another alarm sounding in hotel, same alarm heard prior to attack, but no belief that there is another attack. No confirmations given yet. brb. No report yet if SCUDs actually reached Riyadh. #DCLXVI# rearranging a link....sorry for any inconvenience.. .. [surgecnn]Charles Jaco: Military would not allow them to leave shelter until they had chem. suits on. They specualte that no chem warheads were used, but no confirmation. [logserv]*** Iraqi Time is Sun 20, 1:30, Israel is one hour behind. [surgecnn]Charles Jaco: At least 2 Patriots were fired from Eastern SA, then a number of explosions. No interesting news so far from CNN. Iraq still claims capture of 7 Allied pilots. CNN: Replaying audio prtion of POW interview. [mistycnn]CNN reporter in Baghdad saw the interview and reported that the two men looked subdued and injured. [nbc-tv]At least 1 SCUD hit Riyadh. [surgecnn]CNN: Atill replaying audio of Iraqi interview with so called POWs. Visual assist with that interview this evening. Audio now over. [luru]Reporter of Finnish broadcasting company (YLE) slightly hurt in fighting in Latvia. [mistyyle]Soviet army has attacked the building of ministry of internal affairs. Altvian police was defending the building. Four dead in attack in Latvia, 8 wounded. [surgecnn]Interview with Schwartzkopf. Schwartzkoff Astounded, delightful, etc with low allied casualty rate. Reports Saddam is moving around in civilian areas. They speculate that this is because it's safer there.


[logserv]*** Iraqi Time is Mon 21, 2:00, Israel is one hour behind. [surgecnn]Replaying video of missles...AGAIN [mistyyle]Black barets have invaded the ministry of internal affairs building succesfully. The prime minister has been captured. Bush commented something. [pi]YLE: Soviet minister of internal affairs says he knows nothing and doesn't want to know anything about the events in Latvia ... [mistyyle]Hups, that was in Riika, Latvia [nati]Tomorow Agriculture workers and construction workers as well as many factory workers will resume work in Israel. Rest will sta. y as before. [surgecnn]Patriot is the only SA missle capable of hitting a ballistic missle. So far batting 1000, or close to it. [mistyyle]Iraq nuclear power plants have been destroyed (?). No info about environmental effects. [lurusvt]Swedish TV shows fighting in Latvia. Several people shot by the armed forces. The department of interior affairs was captured. The foreing minister of Latvia is in Stockholm. [surgecnn]No official word from Pentagon yet on missle attacks. Pentagon wants to release info soon, but want it to be accurate first. [lurusvt]Latvian foreign minister says the country is on the way back to dictatorship - doesn't believe that the huge demonstrations would have any effect. [surgecnn]Getting ready to play audio of POWs AGAIN!!! More info on 7 captives... New news in Dahran... no sound. sirens are sounding in East SA again. No audio, just video of dark sky. 3 rd air raid siren in Riyadh, but no reporters to report it. :) [ari]JMT 3 B:n k{yt{v{st{ kuului kova kolaus. sorry (:


[surgecnn]Terry Freidan in East SA. Another air raid alert. Moving to another location. Report soon. [e-jaz]ABC news about to report on Latvia shootingsa [surgecnn]More audio of POW interviews. [e-jaz]ABC news reports at least one person killed in latvia after attack on security ofc [luruyle]At least four killed in Latvia. [e-jaz]silly church public interest story on ABC [surgecnn]Gary Strieker in Jerusalem: Nothing happening there. More recaps. [logserv]*** Iraqi Time is Mon 21, 2:30, Israel is one hour behind. [surgecnn]Un official report that all SCUDs were intercepted. Questions over Iraq's ability to treat POWs under Geneva convention with little food, water, etc. London reports that war may take longer than expected because of weather. Still awaiting military briefing on missle attacks. CNN told some of Iraq's SCUD launchers are disguised as garbage trucks. First purple heart to be awarded to 19 year old wounded in attack by shrapnel. #R# Happy BiRthday to Me, Happy BiRthday to Me, Happy BiiiRRthday deaR RRRRrrrRRrrrrr, Happy BiRthday to Me. =) [surgecnn]I have to eat, anyone want to take over CNN? [krome]ATV0H. ATV0Hb:G> [surgecnn]Unofficial report of 6 SCUDs in last attack. I'm leaving, bye.


[logserv]*** Iraqi Time is Mon 21, 3:00, Israel is one hour behind . [pi](YLE: nothing new from Latvia ... at least 4 dead and 9 injured) [jr]is +report echo'n to +war? [swan]everything I'm going to read is coming from various wire services. pardon line noise{{ [ari]only CNN and ITN journalists are staying in Baghdad, all others were ordered to leave (CNN) [nati]Tomorow many workers in Israel (but not all) will resume work, in adition to those working in estencial factorys which have be. working allso in the last several days. Many workers continue to stay at home and schools are still closed. Total number of injured in Israel from missiles directly: 49. No deaths caused directly, but 8 died of hart atack/sufficaition. Several hundred apartments damaged and over a hundred had to leave home. [ari]scud alert again in Dhahran (CNN)


[swan]despite dazzling video shots of 'smart bombs' blasting iraqi targets, a pentagon analyst said only 40 percent of the bombs actually hit their targets; most of saddam's air force was left intact. Only 11 of iraq's estimated 700 aircraft have been. confirmed destroyed so far. Many believed to be hidden in protective bunkers. Some might have been wrecked in bunkers. Bush warned americans not to expect short or easy war. (bush) 'we must be realistic' 'there will be losses. war is never cheap or easy. and I am somewhat concerned about the inital euphoria in some of the reports and reactions to the first day's developments' [logserv]*** Iraqi Time is Mon 21, 3:30, Israel is one hour behind. [swan]US officials believe that Iraq possesses about 30 mobile SCUD launchers. Estimates # of missiles at between 300 and 1000. Reports indicate US may have underestimated # of launchers. 'finding mobile launchers is like finding a needle in a haystack'--sc. (that was schwarzkopf theatre commander). In the next several days, US commanders expect additional Scud attacks on Israeel and Saudi Arabi and Iraqi attacks against US navy ships, possibly using exocet missiles fired from helicopters, pentagon told. congressional officials. Defense sec cheney declared an "airlift emergency" ordering 20 commercial airlines to provide as many as 181 aircraft to help ferry US war supplies and equipment to Middle east{i]. Gen William E Odom, headed National Security Agency from 85 to 88 said "i would be very surprised if we didn't have 50,000 or 100,000 troops there a year from now," (post war). Various other govt. people cited saying that Saddam must be overthrown. protesters in southern lebanon were heard to be saying 'oh saddam, use gas! oh saddam, use chemicals!' [ari]latest scud alert on Dhahran was false alert(CNN) (?)

(3:30/3:33 ?)

[swan](baghdad) shops,markets, restaurants closed for past 48 hours. Electricity cut off, ruining food in refrigerators. Residents fear grave difficulties getting food. Most gas stations closed, hundreds of drivers flocked to those with hand operated pumps [logserv]*** Iraqi Time is Mon 21, 4:00, Israel is one hour behind. [swan]phone lines are cut, flow of tap water is becoming weaker. [ari]CNN reporting from Dhahran there were 3 scuds on first attack tonight, 1 on last attack and all were knocked down by patriot missiles. those scud were all against Dhahran, maybe 6 scuds were againt Rhyad

Dhahran? If last attack was 00:44 - 00:50 (6? 3 x Dhahran? + 3 x Riyadh?) how come one only??? How come 6 x Riyadh???

[flynn]How does CNN explain the visible detonations in their footage? [ari]they're not sure about those detonations, now CNN is showing a missile crater, not sure if it's scud-made or landed patriot [swan]for a change of pace here's a feed quoting iraqi USA citizens. '...Yet in all the hundreds of hours of television and radio coverage and in the thousands of pages of newsprint, Iraqis say they have seen scarcely a word of compassion for the plight of. their compatriots. "I find it outrageous that nobody seems to care about the human toll," said an iraqi professor in northern california who would not give his name. [ari]those pictures are from Riyadh, CNN says there's also at least one other landed missile [swan]"when the iraqi government sent those scud missiles over to israel, there was so much talk about it, which is understandable because of the media access to israel. On the other hand, we have really had no concern of civilian casualties because of the. bombing of baghdad. ' In place of sympathy, many iraq{s say they have received threats and been intimidated. (examples given). Iraqi quoted blames media and euphoric reporting of american air success for much of bad feelings. 'I was on a job in LA when the bombing started' 'my first reaction was I was in a different country, I heard such tremendous nasty, sleezy, manipulative. rhetoric on the airwaves that I really didn't think I was in the United states. it was like some fascist country I'd gone to.". 'like many of the estimated 75,000 iraqis in this country, Hadithy has no love for Saddam Hussein. In fact, he fled Saddam's Ira{ because of govt repression. -end. New York Times/NBC survey shows that 86 percent of those interviewed approved of the way Bush was doing his job. That is the highest rating for a president in 30 years. Interviews w/sociologists,political experts and other americans from across the. country say rising support is linked to the nation's own sense of self esteem, boosted by the allied force's apparent success in early combat. (massive line noise,{ bear with me)g# [flynn]Carl Sagan reports a global climate change from a war.. 60 minutes carried a report on the environmental impact of the war. Apparently Carl Sagan reported that this war could cause massive enivronmental damage, making Kuwait unlivable anyway. (Sorry -- I've no more information on that.). Environmental change is predicted from smoke from burning oil plants blocking out the sun. Something akin to nuclear winter... [logserv]*** Iraqi Time is Mon 21, 4:30, Israel is one hour behind. [swan]pentagon briefing! heck gotta run downstairs. okay. here. all scuds that landed had conventional warheads. [ari]there were 10 scuds on first attack to Saudi Arabia in first attack, 9 shot down. 7 scuds in second attack, 6 shot down (military briefing in Rhiyadh)

17 total??/15 downed?? This is a much higher count than any other official account to be found elsewhere.

[swan]here's the ambassador to the UN for Iraq. Any quotes that might follow are from him or larry king. [nati]False alarm in parts of northern Israel (Naharia and Maa'lot) [ari]there's at least one missile hit in Rhiyadh, journalists asked if it was scud or patriot, no confirmation yet [swan]iraqi ambassador claims 140 israeli planes are participating in war for past 2 days. points out that israel attacked iraqi nuclear reactor w/o provication. iraqi ambassador says war started with american blockade. 'how do you feel about this sit.' I feel sad, seeing arabs fighting arabs, seeing americans fighting arabs. Says americans are basically decent people. Have received encouragement from some. some american citizens. "you say you hate seeing arabs fighting arabs, what about kuwait?" (sorry missed response). (more larry king/iraqi amb. to UN) security council is paralyzed by united states. We are not going to make it a picnic for american army. Will continue to make america rethink policy. We will never surrender. [nati](I am posting this once again:) If anybody wants me to checkif missiles hit near ppl he knows in Israel, send me a msg / e-mai [swan]frankly I don't believe members of coalition is doing so out of free will, they are forced by US. Points out that country that voted no to a security council vote was threatened. i believe america will have to rethink their policy and negotiate [once they get bogged down in bloody war w/us]. i thank cnn for allowing me to present my case to the american people. (end iraqi ambassador on larry king) [logserv]*** Iraqi Time is Mon 21, 5:00, Israel is one hour behind. *** Iraqi Time is Mon 21, 5:30, Israel is one hour behind. *** Iraqi Time is Mon 21, 6:00, Israel is one hour behind. [ki]When did the German <> US Link broke down ? [the_saint]unconfirmed rumor of US ground forces attack... can anybody confirm this? [logserv]*** Iraqi Time is Mon 21, 6:30, Israel is one hour behind. [nati]There was just a very louad thundering noise over Haifa. It can be either just a thunder or something more than that.... [logserv]*** Iraqi Time is Mon 21, 7:00, Israel is one hour behind. [pi]YLE: Soviet troops have left the building of the Latvian ministry of foreign affairs. internal affairs, that is (: [logserv]*** Iraqi Time is Mon 21, 7:30, Israel is one hour behind. *** Iraqi Time is Mon 21, 8:00, Israel is one hour behind. [niai]Hello? [logserv]*** Iraqi Time is Mon 21, 8:00, Israel is one hour behind. [rommel]A SCUD just malfunctioned and crashed into Armenia, Jordan.

(Not recorded elsewhere.)

[logserv]*** Iraqi Time is Mon 21, 8:30, Israel is one hour behind. *** Iraqi Time is Mon 21, 9:00, Israel is one hour behind. [ryman]*** Columbus, Ohio time is Monday 21, 1991 at 1:01 am. Chicago time is one hour behind. [logserv]What to do with Ryman? Just putting this out of the log? He's ignoring my attempts to convince him that ohio time isn't THAT intersting.. ? ;-). *** Iraqi Time is Mon 21, 9:30, Israel is one hour behind. [frchradio]Clouds and rains this morning over Iraq and Kuwait will hamper raids [logserv]*** Iraqi Time is Mon 21, 10:00, Israel is one hour behind. [dodo]test. Non-Gulf news) 4 or 5 people were killed, 9 wounded when Soviet [logserv]*** Iraqi Time is Mon 21, 10:30, Israel is one hour behind. *** Iraqi Time is Mon 21, 11:00, Israel is one hour behind. *** Iraqi Time is Mon 21, 11:30, Israel is one hour behind. [dodo]The reporter for Finnish TV was beaten up by Russian soldiers in Riga, Latvia, last night (non-Gulf filler :-) [logserv]*** Iraqi Time is Mon 21, 12:00, Israel is one hour behind. [dodo]Finnish government has recommended that Finns shoud not travel to Morocco, Algeria and Tunis, and has asked all Finns to leave Israel. #Armin# is rebooting to sunsystem1.. expect a bigger burp.. sorry for any inconveniences. [logserv]*** Iraqi Time is Mon 21, 12:30, Israel is one hour behind.

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