The question as to whether or not Iraq actually used chemical weapon-loaded Scud missiles during the 1991 Gulf War is still an open one. Further to this, there still remain outstanding questions about the claims that Iraq possessed illegally-retained Scud Missiles in the period prior to the 2003 Invasion of Iraq. There is no complete record to draw upon and no one organisation has ever been seen to have compiled an exhaustive and comprehensive analysis.

- A review by a former member of the Dhahran Scud Watchers Club

Scud, skud, vi. (scudding, scudded). To run quickly; to run
before a strong wind with little or no sail.

- vt. To pass over quickly.

- n. Act of scudding; loose vapoury clouds.

scud (skud) vi. 1. run fast. 2. run before the wind.

SCUDWATCH was originally conceived as an online attempt to collect together and collate all of the available information relating to Iraq's extensive use of SS-1 SCUD-type ballistic missiles during the 1991 Persian Gulf War in order to form a chronicle of these events.

As part of this research, SCUDWATCH has been attempting to locate and assemble together all of the variously-available international documentation concerning the fate and final disposition of Iraq's allegedly-retained post-1991 Gulf War chemical and biological weapon capable SCUD missile force. These 'weapons of mass destruction' contributed in part to the reasoning behind the 2003 Invasion of Iraq because they were reported to be believed still to exist, and they were at that time proscribed weapons as prohibited and declared illegal by United Nations Security Council Resolution 687.

The collection of relevant information here remains an ongoing historical project in an attempt to accurately record and preserve the full and correct history of these particular military warfare actions.

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(October ~ December 2008) - The FCO have refused release of the sections of Iraq's December 7th 2002 CAFCD which relate to the actual use of Iraq's Scud missiles during the 1991 Gulf War. The decision has been subjected to an FCO internal review, but this has not altered the decision. A new request has been made to determine which parts of Iraq's ballistic missile declaration are contained in the redacted version of the CAFCD, and this information has similarly been refused.

(March ~ September 2008) - Ongoing FCO FOIA correspondence has taken place. Please see SCUDWATCH's FOIA pages for further details.

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A FOIA request has been sent to the UK Permanent Mission to the United Nations.

(29 October 2007) - SCUDWATCH has received a further response from the Ministry of Defence. The response states that the primary source for 1991 Gulf War records, namely the Headquarters British Forces Middle East (HQ BFME) War Diaries, cannot be located.

(October 2007) - SCUDWATCH is still awaiting further FOIA correspondence from the Ministry of Defence relating to FOI request #1.

(19 September 2007) - A response has been received from the Ministry of Defence stating that it too does not hold the requested information. A request has been made to The National Archives to determine whether a copy of the requested documents has been is held or has been lodged at Kew - the response states that this is not the case.

(01 August 2007) - FOIA correspondence continues in an effort to gain more information relating to Iraq's 1991 use of Scud missiles. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office states it does not hold the requested information, and advises making a request to the Ministry of Defence. A further request has been made.

(22 July 2007) - A FOIA request has been made to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Correspondence regarding the previous FOIA request to the Ministry of Defence has been sent to the MoD's Veterans Policy Unit - Legacy Health Issues department.

(20 July 2007) - A FOIA response has been received from the Ministry of Defence. It states that the requested information cannot be supplied as the cost of complying with this request would exceed the 600 limit, which is the maximum permitted. The response suggests reducing or refining the request to bring the cost of compliance to below the limit. Another request will be made in an effort to achieve this.

(12 July 2007) - A FOIA response has been received from the Cabinet Office and has been posted on the SCUDWATCH FOIA page. Another FOIA request will shortly be made to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

(17 June 2007) - Two Freedom of Information Act requests have been made for publicly unavailable information concerning Iraq's 1991 use of Scud missiles against Coalition forces in the wider Kuwaiti theater of operations (KTO), one to the Ministry of Defence and one to the Cabinet Office.

(16 June 2007) - The draft SCUDWATCH review mentioned below has now been slightly updated, this version now replaces the previous version. It is available at: ACCOUNTING FOR IRAQ'S MISSING SCUD MISSILES (Externally hosted 544Kb pdf format file).

(June 2007) - A selection of information collected here has been assembled as a historical review, currently in draft form, entitled: ACCOUNTING FOR IRAQ'S MISSING SCUD MISSILES (Externally hosted pdf format document - 541Kb). (N.B. - Link now removed.)

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